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Inputs list 2017

Front page of the Inputs list for organic agriculture in Germany

The inputs list for organic agriculture in Germany 2017 has 230 pages and is available as print edition (German) in the FiBL-shop for 14,00 € plus shipping costs.

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Inputs list 2017 is published

The current version of the „Inputs list for organic agriculture in Germany“ is published. With 1,500 products by 330 companies, the list gives a broad overview of products that can be used in organic agriculture.

The list introduces inputs that can be used in organic farming: for fertilization, plant protection, plant strengthening, cleaning and disinfection, control of parasites and feeding. Additionally there are products for processing wine and fruit juice.

During the last year, nearly 280 new products were added to the list, most of them to the categories fertilizers/substrates and cleaning- and disinfection agents. Again this year, the German organic associations Demeter, Naturland, Gäa and Demeter International have a list generated according to their own association criteria by FiBL Projekte GmbH that is based on the current inputs list.

On our website you can find the well-proven inputs search. All currently listed products can be found and confirmations of compliance of the inputs can be generated. Products that have been registered after the inputs list 2017 was printed, are to be found on the website as well.

With the online inputs search, products can be filtered according to the association guidelines of Demeter and Demeter International, Gäa and Naturland.

Like last year, products used for the processing of organic wine, such as ingredients, auxiliary agents and additives and cleaning and disinfection agents for the processing of organic fruit juice and wine are listed in the current edition as well.

Online search for Inputs

With the Online search, you can find currently listed input products and can print out or download certificates of conformity. This function includes also new products, which are not yet listed in the current print version.