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Input list 2020

The Input list for organic agriculture in Germany 2020 has 320 pages and is available as print edition (German)  for 16,00 € plus shipping costs.

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Corrigenda 2019

Fertilisers, Sub-category 1-9-1 Stone meal

  • Herbaland classic: removed from list
  • Herbaland extra: removed from list
  • Herbaland ultra: removed from list

Fertilisers, Sub-category 1-9-2 Soil additives

  • BioHumix: Amendment: Liquid concentrate containing humic acid from worm compost. Improves the resistance, quality and nutrient uptake of plants
  • BIOACTIVA ZEO: removed from list
  • ZeoSand: removed from list
  • ZeoGravel: removed from list

Fertilisers, Sub-category 1-9-6 Plant aids

  • Flavonin® Agro complete: removed from list

Cleaning agent, Sub-category 4-4-1 Claw care products

  • EasyStride: removed from list