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Inputs list 2019

The inputs list for organic agriculture in Germany 2019 has 280 pages and is available as print edition (German) in the FiBL-shop for 16,00 € plus shipping costs.

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Registration of products for the "Input list for organic agriculture in Germany 2019"

Trade products for the “Input list for organic agriculture in Germany 2019” can be registered continuously.

All products registered will be published in the online search.

The registered products will further be evaluated – without additional costs for the applicants – regarding their conformity to the Regulations of organic associations, such as Demeter, Demeter International, ECOVIN, Gaea and Naturland. The conformity will be displayed with the online product search. Products can also be registered exclusively for the EU Inputs list (usability in accordance to the EU-Regulations on organic farming) and for the Inputs list of Demeter International.

Products can be registered from the areas fertilisation, plant protection, animal feed, cleaning- and disinfection agents and products for udder care and hygiene, products for the control of stable flies and ectoparasites, and products for apiculture.

Products for the manufacturing of organic wine or cleaning and disinfection agents for the production of organic wine or juice can be registered on

We offer a listing on the website exclusively for Germany. This website informs hobby gardeners about their possibilities to cultivate their gardens according to organic standards. The focus lies on fertilising and plant care.

Online search for Inputs

With the Online search, you can find currently listed input products and print out or download certificates of conformity. This function also includes new products, which are not yet listed in the current print version.