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Input list 2019

The Input list for organic agriculture in Germany 2019 has 280 pages and is available as print edition (German) in the FiBL-shop for 16,00 € plus shipping costs.

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Product submissions for the Input list 2020 now possible

For the 15th year now, the FiBL (Research Institute for Organic Agriculture) calls for the submission of trade products, that are fit for use in organic farming and organic food production, for the inclusion in the Input list for organic agriculture.

The product registrations will be evaluated by the experts team of FiBL regarding their suitability in organic farming and released for publication, should they abide by the strict demands of the EU Eco Regulation and further FiBL criteria. The conformity to the regulations of German organic associations is also evaluated, these are at the moment: Demeter, Ecovin, Gaea and Naturland.

The new registration forms 2020 are available in German and English on our website

Deadline for the admission of products in the printed list 2020 is 31st of August 2019.

The German Input list 2020 will be published at the beginning of 2020 in its proven printed form and by that, will replace the currently valid edition.

The products can also be viewed on This online list is steadily extended and updated. The products are also available online on the websites of the European Input List and of Demeter International, the list is therefore also available for the European market and companies and third countries.

The list as the well established tool it is, is equally available for farmers and for consultants and control bodies. With the list, it is quickly confirmed, what input products can be used on organic farming and organic food production.

Online search for Inputs

With the Online search, you can find currently listed input products and print out or download certificates of conformity. This function also includes new products, which are not yet listed in the current print version.